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What we do most often?

Website Development 90%
Online Presence Consultancy 75%
Search Engine Optimization 60%
Content Management System 45%
Website Maintenance 42%
Graphic Design 37%

Web development is a widely used phrase for any activity related to creating on-line tools such as a websites. A term website has a very wide meaning and can include such applications like websites, intranets, e-commerce businesses, content management, scripts, applications and many more. This seems to be a very straightforward process. However, successful web development requires strategic planning, needs recognition and clever ideas. The final result can bring in greater profits, attracts more visitors and helps to find new markets.

To help you achieve all those benefits we have developed exclusive project management that allows us for creating any type of website or application starting from a simple static website, through E-Commerce Solutions to complex web-based applications such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management applications), business management software and business intelligence & reporting software.

The static website’s purpose is to provide constant information to visitors. sites are not being updated systematically and should be used only on the occasion when you merely want to keep your on-line presence.

Current very competitive environment often makes us to adjust our operations. This of course applies to your websites and its content too. Dynamic websites are better versions of static websites and provide a user interface to clients whereby some of the content can be dynamically changed or created by the clients. Today’s visitors want to be able to interact with the website for their interest and they expect high quality and good experience. Over 70% of all website are dynamic websites.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our interest in helping you maintain your website and keeping it dynamic, interactive and very interesting for visitors.

With all our experience and focus on your new product please be aware that we can only work as fast as you allow us. Turnaround time is your dependent. If you quickly can provide us with your contents we would be able to keep turnaround times on very reasonable levels. This applies to initial projects, on-going maintenance, revisions requests and upgrades.

On the other hand however, we cannot guarantee fast turnarounds on the occasion of your inactions, delays in approvals, constant requests for changes regarding same elements. We always give you enough notice so you can gather important information and get back to us on time so we can keep working on your website or application.

Please also notice that turnaround times given by us at the initial stage are not guaranteed and depends on your feedback.

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Why choose us?

Our main objective is to help you build your online presence. Our services are always customized for your needs. We offer website design & maintenance, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Shops, Graphic Design and many other services.

We are proud to be able to provide our customers with very modern, professional, effective and yet very affordable solutions. And we have great experience in delivering them various businesses and industires.

Website Maintenance

Stay updated. Stay ahead your competitors.

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We will take care of many aspects of your website – from content updates to major changes. All you need to do is contact us and provide us with new content, pictures or any other information and we will update it for you. We will do it quickly, efficiently and at very affordable rates. And here is what we can do for you:

  • add, adjust or remove content

  • upload new images or change existing ones

  • update meta-tags according to your requirements

  • change basic graphics

  • upload documents

  • change navigation and sub-navigation menu

  • manage your Webmaster Tools, Google Analitics, Hosting and Domains

  • create additional pages


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Content Management Systems

Keep track of every piece of content on your website.

What is CMS?

CMS – a Content Management System is software that keeps track of every piece of content on your website. Content can be simple text, photos, music, video, documents, or just about anything you can think of.

The main benefit of having a CMS is that you do not need to be a website developer to keep your website fresh and updated. It requires very little technical skills or knowledge to manage it.

Most CMSs are very intuitive and come with main text editors similar to that of Microsoft Word so anyone familiar with this or any other desktop publishing software will have no problem in using a CMS.

Content Management Tips

A good CMS platform can be used to manage websites of all shapes and sizes such as:

  • Small-business or large corporate websites or portals

  • Online magazines, newspapers, and publications

  • E-commerce and online reservations

  • Government, non-profit organizations, community portals, school and church websites

  • AFFORDABILITY – One off design and integration fee.

  • SAFETY – Password protected administrator area and secure hosting environment.

  • ACCESSIBILITY – Constant access to the website. Anytime. Anywhere.

  • SEO FRIENDLY – Ability to edit meta tags for each page of the website and improve your Search Engine Optimisation.

For our customers’ benefits and peace of mind we offer to platforms that are well-know, well-established and well-recognized: WordPress and Joomla.

Before you make a choice in whether opt for CMS or Maintenance Contract you need to decide how often you intend to update your website. If your business requires often changes and constant updates Content Management System would seem to be a better option. On the other hand, if your content is a bit more static and will not change that often you may be better off acquiring a website maintenance contract or even paying for any website changes based on individual basis.

If you are not sure which option would be better for you please contact us and we will help you choose the best solution for you and your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Improve your website’s position & visibility

  • Why SEO?

    Search engines are probably the heart of today’s internet. Everybody uses them to find desire information by simply inputting searched words and getting results in a matter of few seconds. It might sound easy but in fact it is a long and difficult process but it is the best investment you could ever make for your online presence. If you are not sure how to do that we are here to help you with this task. We work for you, and with you, to make your site content enriched and search engine friendly. This, with time, will increase your search engine rankings.

  • SEO Advantages & Disadvantages

    PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It is an online form of advertising. The advertiser pays for every click of the advertisement. In order to protect advertisers Google ad-words and MSN ad-center have developed anti click-fraud systems so you will be getting genuine referrals and your funds will be spend on real and potential customers.



    • Once you have an effective SEO set-up as an on-going process there are no costs involved in driving traffic to your website

    • A search engine optimized ranking can remain for months after it is achieved

    • High ranking sites are seen as more credible by users


    • It takes a great deal of time to achieve your high rankings

    • Time needed depends on the competitiveness of your searched word or phrase

    • The longevity of listings also depends on the competitiveness of your words or phrases

  • Maybe Pay Per Click

    PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It is an online form of advertising. The advertiser pays for every click of the advertisement. In order to protect advertisers Google ad-words and MSN ad-center have developed anti click-fraud systems so you will be getting genuine referrals and your funds will be spend on real and potential customers.


    • PPC campaigns can be created and started much faster than SEO

    • PPC can increase traffics in hours after being launched

    • results are measurable and highly visible

    • PPC is a great tool for increasing your website visibility while optimizing your website with SEO


    • PPC campaigns can be costly

    • PPC campaigns may not bring expected direct return on investment

  • Our Recommendation

    Search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) as an online marketing strategy can, and should, coexist. Both tools result in increasing your websites visibility on the Internet. Everyone that uses the Internet uses a search engine so it makes good business sense and viable investment to make sure that your website appears regularly when people search for information, products or services that are related to your business. Therefore, we encourage you to start using both techniques consistently and continuously, and if you need any help please contact our staff and we will be more than happy to assist you on this task.

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a process undertaken in order to improve a website’s position in the search engines. SEO process includes key phrase research, key words research, page title and description optimisation, external and internal link building, article publishing, social media blogging, and most importantly writing relevant and interesting content.

It is not enough to simply put your website on the internet. There always are people who already knew that your website exits, but there are thousands potential clients out there to whom your website is completely unknown. You may not be reaching them and they do not know yet that they want to find you. If your website is optimized they will start flowing to your pages through various search engines.

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